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"Our goal is to empower businesses with the tools to increase productivity, create new jobs and successfully compete in an everchanging marketplace on a local or global level"

SASSFA can partner with your business by providing programs, resources, and referrals to help your business thrive. All our quality business services are at no cost to you. In fact, businesses in this area have been taking advantage of our services for several years.

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Layoff Assistance
and Prevention

Times are tough and downsizing is a delicate situation. The Los Angeles area Rapid Response team offers customized, confidential, and convenient on-site services for businesses in transition. Read more.

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Post Jobs

Do you have a job opening that you need filled? We can help you find the right candidates. Read more.

Tax Incentives

Did you know that hiring employees from specific target groups will get your business substantial tax credits?
Learn more.

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Looking for qualified employees?

Save time and money on recruiting and screening prospective employees.
The TSE program will subsidized up to 6 months of our participants wages, taxes, and workers compensation.


On-the-Job Training

Is your business looking for someone with a great attitude, soft skills, and the capacity to learn the job your way? On-the-Job Training offers incentives to your company to defray training costs. Up to 50% savings on candidates wages during the designated training period. Tax credits may also be available.

Did we mention is free

Did we mention it's free?

Our services are 100% free of charge to all. We are a federally-funded, non-profit whose aim is to help the public find jobs. So, we encourage you to come visit and take advantage of our programs.

Want to learn more about how we're funded?
100% Services Funded by the Los Angeles County Workforce Development Board with funds from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Workforce Development Aging and Community Services (WDACS) and the Los Angeles County America's Job Centers of California are equal opportunity employers/programs. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request, to individuals with disabilities. TTY (562) 236-2899.