Layoff Assistance

If your company is facing layoffs and you could use some help, contact us at (562) 633-9511 ext. 239 or send us a message about your situation.

  • Facing Layoffs?

    The Los Angeles County Rapid Response team is here. We provide customized, confidential, and convenient on-site services for businesses in transition.
  • Reassure with Rapid Response

    We can assist you in reducing the trauma among workers facing layoffs and the stress among your remaining workers - maintaining their morale, increasing productivity, and accelerating workplace stability.
  • Redirect Toward Stability

    Keeping your competitive edge and maintaining productivity is critical. The Rapid Response team can explain relevant state and federal regulations and can work with you to prevent future layoffs or lessen their impacts. Rapid Response also offers access to unemployment insurance for your employees.
  • Promote Your Commitment to Your Community

    Layoffs and closings can be hard on a community. The Rapid Response team will help you demonstrate your dedication to the growth and prosperity of your community by positioning your workers for successful futures.
  • Jump-Starting Your Efforts

    What resources can you use?
    • Labor Market Information
    • Unemployment Insurance Help
    • Trade or Transitional Adjustment Program Access
    • Outplacement services
    • Skills Training

Where should you start?

The LA area Rapid Response program has four phases:

  1. Notification

    When you are facing layoffs, call your regional Rapid Response team (contact information on back panel)
  2. Rapid Response Team Meeting

    Schedule an initial on-site meeting with the Rapid Response team and your employees to provide an overview of services and develop an action plan.
  3. Project Implementation

    Your Rapid Response team will help locate sources of funding for unemployment insurance and employee training, and help you jumpstart your transition programs.
  4. Technical Assistance and Information Sharing

    Our team will share information, procedures, and lessons learned in order to continually improve your operations and our responsiveness to your needs.

If your company is facing layoffs and you could use some help, contact us at (562) 633-9511 ext. 239 or send us a message about your situation.

The Team

Add Power to Your Performance. The Rapid Response team unites your management team, union leaders, and WorkSource centers. This leaves you with more time and energy to devote to your business.

With a Fast-Acting Solution. Dedicated experts from across the county mobilize immediately on your behalf, helping you navigate government regulations, take advantage of workforce resources, and manage employee expectations.

Meet Your Experts the Los Angeles area Rapid Response team includes:

  • Layoff and Workforce Development Specialists
  • WorkSource Centers
  • Labor Unions (when applicable)
  • Employment Development Department (EDD)

We deploy a variety of knowledgeable experts to make the transition process as efficient as possible.

Did we mention it's free?

Our services are 100% free of charge to all. We are a federally-funded, non-profit whose aim is to help the public find jobs. So, we encourage you to come visit and take advantage of our programs.

Want to learn more about how we're funded?


Below are some useful tips for using rapid response servies.

  • Start Early

    Call the Rapid Response team well ahead of the layoff date to equip your employees with the full range of training and employment services available. You also benefit from more customized services which leads to a smoother transition.
  • Let Us Come to You

    Provide services at your workplace to allow employees to remain in a convenient and familiar environment. While on-site, Rapid Response experts can provide a plan that is fully customized to meet your needs.
  • Provide a Customized Approach

    Conduct employee surveys so that the rapid response team can more effectively respond to the interests and concerns of your employees. Orientation sessions with Rapid Response experts ensure a complete understanding of available services.
  • Display Helpful Information for Your Workers

    Use Rapid Response to make employees aware that your goal is maximum professional support. Our team will assist you in answering your employees' questions and managing their concerns.

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100% Services Funded by the Los Angeles County Workforce Development Board with funds from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Workforce Development Aging and Community Services (WDACS) and the Los Angeles County America's Job Centers of California are equal opportunity employers/programs. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request, to individuals with disabilities. TTY (562) 236-2899.