Downsizing your staff?

We Can Help.

Times are tough and downsizing is a delicate situation. The Los Angeles County America's Job Center of California Rapid Response team offers customized, confidential, and convenient on-site services for businesses in transition.

  • Reassurance

    We can assist you in reducing the trauma among workers facing layoffs and the stress among your remaining workers - maintaining their morale, increasing productivity, and accelerating workplace stability.
  • Redirect Toward Stability

    Keeping your competitive edge and maintaining productivity is critical. The Rapid Response team can explain relevant state and federal regulations and can work with you to prevent future layoffs or lessen their impacts. Rapid Response also offers access to unemployment insurance for your employees.
  • Promote Your Commitment to Your Community

    Layoffs and closings can be hard on a community. The Rapid Response team will help you demonstrate your dedication to the growth and prosperity of your community by positioning your workers for successful futures.

Did we mention it's free?

Our services are 100% free of charge to all. We are a federally-funded, non-profit whose aim is to help the public find jobs. So, we encourage you to come visit and take advantage of our programs.

Want to learn more about how we're funded?

Keep Your Staff

There are a few ways we may be able to help you keep the employees you've had on for years.

  • Cut your employees hours and EDD may be able to pay them the difference in income.
  • Help pay for training of existing workers to take over positions that are necessary for your business.
  • Help current workers learn new skills for new positions in your business.
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